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The 4Ps of Organizational Excellence

By (author),  Mohamed Zairi
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Format : eBook
Published Date :2003-01-01
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Book Description

The 4Ps of Organizational Excellence is built around the 4Ps (policy and planning, people, process, performance) which are a logical and progressive way of looking at the factors that drive organizational excellence in modern times. It is a thorough, extremely comprehensive text which is a collection of various pieces of research, practical examples and detailed case studies. It represents a complete guide for those students interested in learning about the critical aspects associated with organizational excellence and is also an important companion guide for managers and senior executives who have the responsibility to deliver quality improvements for the benefit of their customers on a consistent and regular basis and who must ensure that their employer organizations can sustain their competitive performance.


Book Edition: First Edition.



Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Corporate planning and policy deployment


Chapter 2: Supply chain management: a best practice perspective

Chapter 3: Business process management fundamentals

Chapter 4: Revisiting BPR: a holistic review of practice and development

Chapter 5: BPR implementation process: an analysis of key success and failure factors

Chapter 6: The role of IT in supporting business process re-engineering: a framework of implementation

Chapter 7: Enterprise resource planning: a new revolution for driving value chains

Chapter 8: ERP implementation: a best practice approach

Chapter 9: The essentials of customer relationship management

Chapter 10: Performance improvement through Investors in People

Chapter 11: The balanced scorecard: principles and practices of excellence