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BEST PRACTICE: Organizational Excellence

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Format : eBook
Published Date :2003-01-01
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Book Description

The major factors which form the basis of the structure adopted in the Organizational Excellence: Organizational Excellence have been rigorously examined with elaborated cases and examples. Seventeen factors have been considered to include: leadership and commitment, people management, middle management involvement, training and education, reward and recognition, teamwork, quality policy and strategy, communicating for quality, supplier management, accredited quality management systems, organizing for quality, managing by process, benchmarking, self-assessment, cost of quality, quality control techniques and measuring customer wants and satisfaction. These factors are found to impinge significantly on organizational excellence. It is interesting; however, that the main factors considered are those that represent the key criteria of excellence models such as the European Excellence Model or the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Model.


Book Edition: First Edition.



Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: The Quality improvement continuum: An integrative approach


Chapter 2: The Process of self - assessment

Chapter 3: Self-Assessment tools

Chapter 4: Leadership: The key driver of business excellence

Chapter 5: Quality policy deployment: The key driver for performance measurement

Chapter 6: People management: The key asset

Chapter 7: Resource management: The key sources of “improvement progress"

Chapter 8: Business process management: The key driver for continuous improvement

Chapter 9: Managing performance outcomes for business excellence

Chapter 10: Managing customer satisfaction

Chapter 11: Managing people satisfaction

Chapter 12: Impact on society

Chapter 13: Benchmarking performance for business excellence

Chapter 14: Case Studies