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Excellence Toolkit: Building Enabling Capability

By (author),  Mohamed Zairi
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Format : eBook
Published Date :2005-01-01
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Book Description

As a result of comprehensive analysis, the book clarifies that any aspiration towards excellence has to be reliant on building internal and external capabilities and core competencies. There are several approaches described in the literature on how to build the transition from optimizing the internal and external behaviour’s and abilities into real and tangible impact which can be measured in terms of the creation and sustainability of a competitive advantage. The book presents a model which describes the process of building competitive capability (Byron, 2003). This model is based on the premise that competitive capability is achieved through the design and implementation of sound business processes and their alignment with capability drivers or enablers. This book provides an “excellence toolkit” intended to address questions, which may be on the minds of practitioners and perhaps researchers alike, on what concepts of excellence might mean and how they can possibly be applied. This demonstrated through rich examples of best practice applications. The book is based on years and years of research and consultancy, so all the ideas depicted in the book are novel, but tried and tested, and all the concepts covered are proven and have been applied in a wide range of industry contexts.


Book Edition: First Edition.



Table of Contents:



SECTION I: Excellence in leadership


  • Chapter 1: The leadership imperative
  • Chapter 2:The leadership quality benchmarking tool
  • Chapter 3: Leadership best practice tools and applications

SECTION II: Excellence in policy and planning

  • Chapter 4: Planning and strategy
  • Chapter 5: Strategic planning tools and techniques
  • Chapter 6: The process of vision/mission development
  • Chapter 7: Policy and strategy best practice tools and methods

SECTION III: Excellence in organizational values

  • Chapter 8: Values and their inculcation
  • Chapter 9: Organizational values assessment tool

SECTION IV: Excellence in people

  • Chapter 10: People management in the public sector
  • Chapter 11: Development and training service level agreements
  • Chapter 12: Development and training strategy template
  • Chapter 13: Development and training implementation blue print
  • Chapter 14: Excellence in people management: best practice tools and methods

SECTION V: Excellence in information resource management

  • Chapter 15: Information resource management: the complete cookbook
  • Chapter 16: A model for the effective management of information systems
  • Chapter 17: Supplier partnerships: a best practice model
  • Chapter 18: Effective supply chain management
  • Chapter 19: Excellence in resources and partnerships: tools and methods

SECTION VI: Excellence in business process management

  • Chapter 20: Fundamentals of business process management
  • Chapter 21: The process mapping guide
  • Chapter 22: A process analysis audit tool
  • Chapter 23: Excellence in process management: best practice tools and methods