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Performance Excellence: A Practical Handbook

By (author),  Mohamed Zairi
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Format : eBook
Published Date :2003-01-01
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Book Description

Performance Excellence: A Practical Handbook as a text represents a comprehensive compilation of thought, concepts, methods, cases and useful tools. It will assist students specializing in the field of performance management and can be used as a useful guide by practitioners. It has several sections totally dedicated to the application of performance measurement in the private sector, covering service and manufacturing industries, and the public sector. These sections are illustrated with extremely useful case studies and examples of best practice applications.


This book has a dedicated section on benchmarking as a natural extension of internal performance measurement. The book covers a model of performance measurement which has been tested and validated empirically, as an all-encompassing method.


Book Edition: First Edition.



Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Performance measurement: a critical analysis of the literature with respect to TQM


Chapter 2: Six sigma performance measurement

Chapter 3: Quality costing measurement

Chapter 4: The balanced scorecard measurement system

Chapter 5: Benchmarking: a performance measurement tool

Chapter 6: Performance measurement in service industries

Chapter 7: Performance measurement in manufacturing

Chapter 8: Performance measurement in the public sector

Chapter 9: Performance measurement in health and safety

Chapter 10: A best practice performance management model

Chapter 11: Versatility of the excellence model