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Welcome from the Publishing House

This e-Store has been established to achieve the overarching objective of the HBMSU Publishing House to promote excellence in research, scholarship and education by publishing manuscripts of high quality and distributing them worldwide. The trend in publishing is shifting increasingly towards e-publishing. To respond to this evolving trend, the e-Store publishes, distributes and sells cutting-edge books, journals, case studies, roundtable reports and other materials for learners, scholars, and practitioners all over the world.

The manuscripts distributed and sold by the Publishing House through this e-Store have been written by world-renowned thinkers, experts and educators who combine academic knowledge with real-world expertise. We feature many Arabized articles written by great scholars of our time. I wish to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all those visiting our state-of-art e-Store. This is certainly a gateway to the most relevant academic and professional materials available in the Arab Middle East.

HBMSU Publishing House Department